Why Art Journalism Is A Rewarding And In-Demand Career Field

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2020

If you are considering a career in art journalism, then, by all means, investigate the field further because being an art journalist is a fulfilling and rewarding way of making a living while surrounding yourself with beauty and culture. One way to see if the career is right for you is to take a few art journalism courses.

An enjoyable and stimulating career

Many people think of art journalism as being restricted to the fine arts, but it actually covers pretty much all forms of artistic expression from music to plays to writing. Therefore, as an art journalist, you will expose yourself to a wide variety of what is new and trending in the creative culture. If you are someone who feels enriched by the arts, then this is a dream career.

Furthermore, even in smaller communities, there are many opportunities for arts journalists. Almost every newspaper, for example, has an arts reporter, and, as such, you will get to talk with the movers and shakers in the local art scene wherever you work. Art journalists express satisfaction with their careers, and, compared to the more deadline-oriented world hard-news reporting, arts journalism is relatively less stressful.

In short, art journalism can be an ideal career. If you have made the decision to take art journalism courses, there is no better place to do so anywhere than at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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