Why A Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Is Popular

Posted by Timothy Harvard on October, 2018

Across America, many families are enjoying the pleasure a fireplace can give. They are part of the more than 37 million homes that have a fireplace. While some still have a wood burning fireplaces, many others are discovering the benefits of gas models. In fact, a large percentage of the closes to 1 million fireplaces installed every year are gas. This includes such types as the popular direct vent gas fireplace.

What Are Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces?

Direct vent fireplaces date from the 1980s. This type does not require a chimney to function safely and efficiently. Instead, they employ a double-wall pipe. This vents the gases out through a wall horizontally. Alternatively, the fireplace pipes can vent out via the roof. A glass covering acts as a shield between the gases and those in the room for which the fireplace is providing heat.

It is not possible to open or adjust the glass shield. Because the glass may become hot, some suggest the addition of a protective screen. This acts as an additional safety device.

Why Are They Popular

The direct vent fireplace is popular with many people for several reasons. Among them are the following:

* They have a very high efficiency rating

* You can place them anywhere in the room or home for that matter

* They have lower maintenance costs than several other alternatives

* They reduce heating bills

* They are environmentally friendly

* You can choose from a variety of styles including contemporary, modern and traditional

The Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Choosing a gas fireplace to heat your home is a wise decision that can save you money. If you do not have a chimney or wish to increase placement options, the best choice still remains gas. However, instead of a more traditional format, opt for a direct vent gas fireplace. Its versatility in such matters is one reason it remains popular.

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