Who Needs a Dental Crown in Roseburg, Oregon?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

There are several ways to repair damaged teeth or implants. The process to repair the teeth is to first consider why they are damaged in the first place. A tooth can become damaged by some sort of physical occurrence such as biting down on something hard. It can also become damaged if it is compromised. A root canal is one way a tooth becomes compromised and one common reason for a dental crown.

Root Canals

A root canal, as it is generally known, is actually the surgery into the root canal. The roots of your teeth travel down into the gums via the root canal. If bacteria gets into the canal, it can infect the canal and become inflamed. The dentist will need to access the root canal, neutralize the infection, and replace it with barriers that will prevent future infection. Such a process also effectively cuts off the tooth from its nutrient source. Since the tooth will no longer be constantly nourished, it turns brittle. Some dentists will preemptively apply a dental crown in Roseburg, Oregon; others will wait until something happens to your tooth.

If you have had a root canal recently, you should see a general dentist about the state of your teeth. A dentist, such as one from the Harvard Dental Group in Roseburg, Oregon, will be able to analyze the brittleness of your teeth.

Dental Implants

If you’ve had a dental implant, you could be a good candidate for a dental crown. Depending on what kind of implant you have and how long you’ve had it, it could be suffering from some kinds of damage. Few substances are as hard as tooth enamel, so they break down faster than enamel might. A crown completely encircles the dental implant, protecting it from further damage.

A dentist will be able to analyze your implants for signs of wear and tear.

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