Where to Source Cost-Effective Load Cell Amplifiers in East Sussex?

What Are Load Cell Amplifiers

Load cell amplifiers take the signal from a load cell and enhance its amplitude. As a result, even tiny signals can propagate sufficient charge to notice them. If you are struggling to detect a small load, an amplifier will make it much easier.

Connect the ICA6H amplifier to a strain gauge load cell, and it will enhance data clarity a ton. Moreover, it functions bi-directionally, sending data both ways. However, this amplifier only requires a unipolar power supply, so it’s easy to handle.

The LCD20 acts as an intelligent amplifier, selecting which signals to amplify. Engineers designed them to use a DIN rail-mounted microprocessor during activation. As a result, they are ideal for measuring changes in force using strain gauge bridge load cells.

Industries That Use Load Amplifiers

Their design specialists have created a wide variety of load cells, and you can see them in many sectors.

For example, their team has designed load cells for use in all the following industries:

  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Oceanography
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nuclear research and power
  • Renewable energy
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

Use a load cell to measure the balance of a wind tunnel or install one in a weapons bay door during testing.

The agricultural industry often needs amplifiers to use with load cells in silos. As they measure grain, they can detect minute changes in the weight of what’s measured. Moreover, they are phenomenal at weighing biomass in bulk. Or, you can use them to categorize eggs by weight before shipping them to distributors.

novatechloadcells.co.uk designs load cells in the UK. Visit them at their website at

novatechloadcells.co.uk to learn more.

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