Where Do You Park Your Car Overnight At Home In Westchester County, New York State?

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Business

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It is almost a given in today’s society that, if you are of the correct age to drive, you will have a car for your own use. However, you are not going to be using it all of the time. The reason that you have it is simply to get you from one place to another whenever the need arises. For most of the time, your car is more likely to be parked up somewhere. This raises the question of how secure is it from theft, vandalism and weathering when it is left alone – especially overnight?


It is probably fair to say that any vehicle left unattended and accessible anywhere in the county is exposed to risks that range from being buried in a winter snowfall to outright theft of the vehicle. Minimal protection is provided if you drive the car off the street and park up on your own property. For maximum security, you should be parked inside a garage of some sort and under secure lock and key.

People who have garages constructed usually blend them into the house design so a variety of shapes, sizes and construction materials will be seen in most neighborhoods. Then there is the question of door types and materials. Some swing up and inwards, others are folding hinged and some slide from side to side. Choice is largely up to individual taste but some practicalities have to be considered – usually with regard to the width of the opening that requires closing once the car is inside.

Manual Or Automatic

Let’s face it, we have all become increasingly reluctant to physically carry out many simple day to day tasks for ourselves. Does anyone get up out of their armchair and walk across to the TV to change channels or adjust the volume? It’s getting to be the same way with garage doors. These days, we all wish to drive straight in (or out) without having to get out of the car – hence the remote control. This can be manually operated from within the car or it can be a more sophisticated, wireless electronic sensor system (just so long as we don’t have to get out and push or pull anything for ourselves).

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