When to Get an Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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An air conditioner assists in keeping a home comfortable by regulating the moisture and heat levels of indoor air. This major appliance removes toxins, allergens, dust, and debris from the indoor air. Over time, certain factors can contribute to the deterioration of an air conditioner. When an air conditioner is not performing like it should, it may be necessary to get an Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY. The following guidelines can be used to make this decision.

The age of an air conditioner plays a huge role in determining its continued functionality. A typically AC system is manufactured to last from 12 to 15 years. Beyond this time, individual parts may not work as well. A defective part can result in damage to other parts of an air conditioner. This may indicate the need for a replacement system. An older air conditioner often takes more energy to run. Getting a new air conditioner can help lower energy bills. Also, an older AC system is more likely to emit higher levels of carbon dioxide. A newer AC system will help protect the environment with fewer carbon emissions.

When an air conditioner needs frequent repairs that are beyond basic fixes, it may be time for a replacement system. A homeowner can try to perform a patch job to lengthen the useful life of an AC system. However, this is not a true repair and can actually cost more money than a true repair or replacement. An air conditioner that has received two major repairs in the last year may need to be replaced. Before doing this, a homeowner should determine if a factory warranty is still in effect. This warranty may cover repair costs of a replacement. A homeowner may have an extended warranty that covers a repair or a replacement as well. Visit here to know more.

Getting an Air Conditioning Installation in Islip NY depends upon many factors including the age of the air conditioner and the number of repairs it’s had. For more information on air conditioning services, please talk to a professional at Inter County Mechanical Corp in Islip NY. This business can handle residential and commercial AC services for improved customer satisfaction.

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