When to Call the Mold Removal Services in Fairfax, VA

Posted by Daniel lawrence on August, 2016

One of the most intrusive problems a home can encounter is mold growth. Mold will grow very rapidly given the proper conditions. These conditions are usually present in kitchens, bathrooms and basement areas. The discovery in these areas are not typically a surprise. However, the amount of area covered by the mold can be. These are the times when removal services are needed.

If someone in the home is highly allergic or has an already compromised lung condition, call in the Mold Removal Services in Fairfax VA. Even small cleanup projects can cause the mold spores to be released into the area. The duct work can pick up these spores and spread them throughout the house. Since mold remediation requires isolating the air in the space, mold spores are not able to travel to different areas of the home.

The Mold Removal Services in Fairfax VA should also be called in if the mold covers more than a small area of the wall. If part of the wall has been removed and there is evidence the mold goes beyond the area, the problem is too big to deal with by regular means. The spore count in the area is already likely very high. Without proper breathing protection during removal, the project turns into a major health hazard. Even if there is no allergy to mold, the inhaled spores can damage the lungs.

Discovery of mold in multiple areas should result in a call to the Mold Removal Services in Fairfax VA. It can be hard to judge how widespread the problem is without fully uncovering it. Since even the removal process can lead to the release of spores, any demolition should be halted immediately. Taking care of the mold becomes the top priority for the project. Because the mold is generally wide-spread, follow up air tests will have to be performed to ensure no hidden areas remain. Visit the website for more information.

Mold removal requires a complete isolation of the space to ensure the spores don’t spread once they are disturbed. Allergies inside the home, suspected mold growth behind a wall or multiple locations should initiate a call to Pest Management Services in Fairfax VA. Removal is a top priority to protect the health of the family.