When Do You Need a Water Line Replacement?

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Plumbing

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When your New Jersey home is served by municipal water supplies, there will be a point at which the municipal main will enter your private property. From that point on, the water main on your property is your responsibility to maintain. If there are any issues with the water line, you will need to fix it immediately. Here are a few signs that you might benefit more from water line replacement, as it can sometimes be cheaper than the repairs.

1. Chronically low water pressure or a sudden change in pressure. One of the signs of a broken main is a reduction of pressure throughout the home. Although pressure loss can be related to other factors, a plumber can come on site to help diagnose the problem.

2. Yard leaks. One of the ways homeowners in New Jersey notice that their water line is broken and needs replacement is when they see a puddle or wet spot in the same place or places in their yard. You might have thought that was water left over from the last rainstorm, but if it has been dry for a few days, chances are the water main is broken and needs repair or replacement.

3. Old home. If you just bought a home in New Jersey, whether you had the intention of fixing it up or not, the water main might not have been checked properly. Older homes in New Jersey might have outdated or worn out pipes, pipes made of materials that disintegrate more readily than others, or pipes that were simply installed poorly and need to be replaced.

4. Flooding. Obviously a sudden flood in your basement or around your house is going to be cause for alarm and it should be. The problem might be that your water line needs to be replaced.

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