Wheel Alignment for Commercial Vehicles in San Antonio

Posted by Timothy Harvard on November, 2018

Wheel alignments are very important service to ensure the safety of your vehicles and drivers. Regardless of whether you own a single vehicle or operate an entire fleet of vehicles, it is important at the appropriate times to get a wheel alignment. San Antonio commercial trucking companies and residential drivers of passenger vehicles can benefit from the services as part of their regular vehicle maintenance schedule.

Commercial Vehicle Wheel Alignments

When technicians carry out with alignments on commercial vehicles, they reset the angle of the wheels in accordance with the manufacturer’s original specifications. This involves the adjustment of the camber angle, castor angle, and toe of the tires.

The Importance of Wheel Alignments

When a proper wheel alignment is performed, the tires will be properly pointed in run flat on the road. You can reduce operational costs considerably as a result of the benefits of aligning your wheels. These benefits include:

* Improved drivability

* Reduction in part wear of the vehicle’s front suspension

* More even tire wear

* Safer vehicle operation

The vast majority of irregular tire wear can be prevented through combination of correct toe alignment, proper axle alignment, improper air pressure.

Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment?

Your commercial vehicles may require wheel alignments if the following conditions are present:

* The vehicle pulls to one side while traveling

* Tread wear is uneven (may include wearing a single side, cupping, etc.)

* The steering wheel is off center while driving in a straight line

* The steering will vibrates while driving

* The tread of the tires wear prematurely

Additional reasons to have a wheel alignment performed on your commercial vehicle include:

* The vehicle was recently involved in an accident

* The vehicle’s tires were recently changed

* Recent work was performed on the vehicles suspension or steering

Generally speaking, regardless of whether or not the symptoms mentioned above are manifested in your current partial vehicle, it is recommended to have your wheels aligned on a regular basis according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Failing to do so may lead to premature tire wear and damage as well as other potentially expensive repairs.

If you need alignment services for the wheels of your commercial vehicles, contact an experienced commercial tire shop San Antonio area.

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