What’s the Best Machine to Roll Your Own Cigarettes in Melbourne FL?

Posted by alex on June, 2014

If you’re a smoker in Melbourne, you can save a lot of money by rolling your own cigarettes. Today’s rolling machines are affordable and easy to use, and it’s fun to create your own unique cigarettes by combining different tobacco blends. Still, if you’re a first-time buyer it can be hard to select the rolling device that best suits your needs. Here’s a handy guide to the different types of machines you can use to roll your own cigarettes in Melbourne FL.

Rolling Box

Small and convenient, cigarette rolling boxes are usually made of either plastic or metal. Inside the box, there’s a place to carry your tobacco, papers and tubes, and under the lid is the rolling instrument. To Roll Your Own Cigarettes with this machine, simply add the tobacco and tube into a trough at the end of the lid, and put the paper into the roller. Close the lid, slide the machine and watch a rolled cigarette come out of the side of the box.


*Very inexpensive
*Small and lightweight
*Easy to carry with you on-the-go


*Can be tricky to learn to operate
*Slower than other rolling machines
*Only works with rolling papers

Manual Spoon-Fed Machines

Manual spoon-fed machines work by placing a small amount of tobacco in a trough on top of the machine and a filtered tube on a small sleeve at the end of the chamber. To use, pull the hand-crank towards you and the machine will inject the tube with the appropriate amount of tobacco. These machines are usually designed to either roll 100’s or King size cigarettes, although some may have settings to roll both.


*Makes well-packed cigarettes
*Simple to operate
*Rolls faster than rolling boxes


*Bulky and hard to take with you
*Needs cleaned frequently

Electric Rollers

As the name implies, electric rollers do most of the work for you. They’re available in both the spoon-fed injector style and an auger style that fills the cigarette tube using a rotating spring. Usually, you can change settings to control the rolling speed and the density of your cigarettes.


*Fastest way to roll cigarettes
*Easy to operate
*Makes cigarettes to your specifications


*Can be expensive
*Easier to break than other rollers
*Difficult to clean

If you want to Roll Your Own Cigarettes in Melbourne FL, you’ll need a great rolling machine.

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