What’s Eating Your Crops? How to Control Farm Pests in Portageville, MO

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on September, 2021

There’s nothing worse than finding your lettuce eaten up by bugs, your apples full of worms, or your cornfield decimated by crows. Controlling pests is one of the biggest struggles that farmers face, especially in Missouri’s temperate climate. Here are three effective methods to keep farm pests at bay and reduce your losses.

Control Pests Naturally

Many pest management services in Portageville MO, offer natural and organic solutions, or you can make your own. Simple household products like beer, salt, and borax can take care of small insect infestations. You can also use physical methods for larger pests, such as a scarecrow to deter birds or live traps to nab raccoons.

Deploy Predatory Species

You already know that a friendly farm cat can keep mice away, but did you know that predators can also control unwanted insects? A single ladybug can eat up to sixty aphids each day along with other harmful pests like mealworms and mites.

Use Pesticides Responsibly

Sometimes pesticides are the only solution for an infestation, but remember to use these chemicals responsibly. Hiring professional pest management services is the best way to ensure that your crops are treated safely and effectively.

If you’re ready to tackle your pest problem, GreenPoint Ag is on your side with all the supplies and professional products you need to evict those unwanted guests.

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