What You Should Know about Achilles Tendon Surgery

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Health and Medical

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Achilles surgery is necessary for a damaged tendon. If you suspect that you may have an Achilles injury, consult with your doctor immediately. When you don’t tend to the affected tendon, you may feel weakness or a painful sensation. To avoid chronic injury, it is necessary to follow the care instructions that are given from your medical office. Below is a brief highlight of what you can expect from an Achilles surgery.

Where Are the Achilles?

The Achilles tendon is located by the ankle, and it connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. The tendon and surrounding muscles work together to give mobility to your foot and lower leg muscles. Without a properly function Achilles tendon, you may feel pain or discomfort around the area.

During the Surgery

When you schedule Achilles surgery in Chicago, your doctor is going to go over all the important information you need to have a successful operation. When the Achilles is operated on, the doctor repairs the tendon by sewing the ruptured ends together again. A graft can even be used to strengthen the damaged site. Depending on the severity of the injury, the surgical steps could vary.

After the Surgery

After the surgery is complete, you may need a cast or splint to aid you in recovery. Your doctor’s office or a physical therapist may recommend specific exercises and stretches to help strengthen the injured tendon. You should also take any medication as recommended. If the pain is severe, prescription medicine may be dispensed. How you take care of yourself after the surgery is just as important as what you do before the operation.

Achilles surgery is fairly routine surgery with little chance of complications. You should have regular mobility after your recovery. Normal everyday activities can be restored after you are cleared by your doctor.

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