What You Need to Know About Sedation Dentistry in Plainville CT

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Dental

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A large percentage of people fear dentists and really dread any dental health issue that could force them to pay a visit to a dental clinic. If you happen to be one of these people, then you need to know about Sedation Dentistry in Plainville CT and the role it plays in making sure that you actually relax in the dentist’s chair.

What exactly is sedation dentistry?

The term refers to the use of anesthesia in the process of treating dental health complication. In sedation dentistry, the patient will be in a relaxed and sleep like state. The practice is mainly used for treatments that require extensive amounts of time. It is ideal for people that have a phobia of dentists or those who have a difficult time controlling their movements during a dental examination or treatment process. The aim of using anesthesia is to alleviate anxiety and limit what the patient will remember about the dental procedure.

Common types of sedation dentistry

The sedation type that is employed normally depends on the extent of the patient’s anxiety or phobia. The dentist may use sedatives, nitrous oxide inhalation or intravenous injection. Below are the commonest types of sedatives that are used by dentists.

* Oral sedatives: They are given either the night before the procedure or an hour or so before the procedure. The sedatives normally do not include pain relief. This means that a local anesthetic will be administered to reduce pain.

* IV sedation: Just like the oral sedatives, IV sedation does not provide any relief from pain resulting from a dental procedure. This means that the dentist will also have to use local anesthesia during the process.

* Nitrous Oxide sedation: Laughing gas inhalation is another technique used to induce a relaxation state. The method also includes the use of local anesthetic to reduce the pain.

The degree of sedation used will depend on the level of anxiety of the patient and the extent of the procedure. It ranges from light sedation like the one induced by laughing gas, conscious sedation, deep sedation and unconscious sedation. An expert in Sedation Dentistry in Plainville CT will determine what level of sedation to give.

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