What Wisconsin Drivers Should Know About Getting a Commercial License

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on October, 2020

Working as a commercial driver can be an effective way to earn a steady paycheck while also getting to travel throughout the United States. However, you will need to earn a commercial drivers license (CDL) before you can find a job operating a tractor trailer or other large vehicle. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to make yourself eligible for CDL truck driving jobs.

Obtain a Commercial Learner Permit

The first step in the process of becoming a commercial vehicle operator is to obtain a commercial learner permit (CLP). In most states, you can apply for a full license within 14 days of obtaining the CLP. However, it may be necessary to complete a training course before taking the skills test. As a general rule, you will obtain both the commercial permit and license in the state where you reside.

You Might Need to Add Endorsements to Your License

An endorsement allows you to accept jobs such as transporting trailers that have full tanks or that contain hazardous waste. It might also be necessary to obtain an endorsement prior to operating a school bus or any other vehicle that has passengers in it. Anyone who posts an ad for CDL truck driving jobs may be able to provide more insight into whether you qualify for a given position based on your current level of expertise.

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