What To Look For In Beauty Photographers In NYC

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2016

Whether you choose a beginner or someone who’s been in the business for years, there are many things to consider when searching for beauty photographers in NYC. Whether you want pictures taken of beautiful women, handsome men or breathtaking landscapes, you need someone who can do the job professionally and correctly.


Many times, people fake it until they make it and sometimes it can help to put attitude over aptitude. Even if you have the most qualified photographer in the world, it won’t help if you dislike them, or they are rude to the models. Choosing the ones with the best attitude may be more beneficial because they are pleasant, helpful and will work with you if you’re unhappy.


Would you go to a bakery that used a child’s easy-bake oven? Most people would require that the shop have the appropriate bakeware and cleaning options, such as dishwashers and sinks. When choosing a photographer, they need to have the right lenses, cameras, lighting options and more. When talking to a photographer that you’re interested in, make sure to ask about their equipment and how it’s used. While they don’t need to explain every detail, they should make you feel comfortable that they know what they’re doing. Shooting beautiful images usually means focusing on the person or object, so a wide-angle lens isn’t necessary. Softer light works better for aged skin or skin that has blemishes, and correct placement is a necessity, as well.

How They Handle Touchups

Touchups are going to be necessary, especially for beauty photography. Photographers in NYC are usually excellent with Photoshop software, but they should still focus on details during the shoot. Smeared lipstick or lipstick on the teeth can be fixed later, but it would take a few moments to do immediately. The same can be true of flyaway hairs, tangled necklaces and more. If you’re paying by the hour, you want these things taken care of promptly instead of waiting for retouches and those costs.


A photographer must be able to communicate with you and the models. If they can’t talk to you on the phone or in person, you should consider someone else because they won’t be able to talk to the model and get their point across, which can lead to poor photographs and annoyed models.

Beauty photographers in NYC should have the appropriate equipment, be able to communicate and have a great attitude. Visit Vikram Pathak Photography today to learn more about them or to contact them.

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