What To Consider When Hiring An Inspirational Speaker In Los Angeles California

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2015

Given the reputation of Los Angeles and its association with Hollywood; one might assume that any good inspirational speaker in Los Angeles would be an actor or an actress (or at least someone involved in the entertainment business). And, quite possibly, your assumption could be totally wrong on at least two counts. One, the ability to act and read a script does not make anyone a good public speaker. Two, the speaker best suited to your particular purpose might well not live anywhere near Los Angeles; he (or she) could come from as far away as Chicago for example.

What Do You Want From An Inspirational Speaker?

Obviously you want someone to speak to a group of people and inspire or motivate those people to do something. What you want them to do might be something quite simple or it could be something very difficult. Whether the end is achieved might not matter all that much to anyone; or, it could be extremely important to both you and the members of the group. The choice of who to hire as your inspirational speaker in Los Angeles will depend upon how you view these variables; in other words, why are you organizing such an event?

What Are You Personally Hoping To Gain from It?

Here again, there are so many variables and all of them can influence your choice of speaker.

  • Maybe you are a political advisor wishing people to vote for your candidate?
  • Or you could be a corporate CEO hoping to motivate your staff to work harder towards achieving your business goals?
  • You could even be running a charity and planning a fund raising event?
  • Or, how about a group of people who are attending just for fun and entertainment; but you feel the proceedings should open (or close) with them listening to some inspirational words of advice or wisdom?

Maybe there is an existing public speaking expert in Los Angeles who could give you what you want under any of the above circumstances; but, this does seem a little unlikely. Maybe; if you cast your net wider, you will find someone with suitable background knowledge and experience to cover just about anything? If that speaker can deliver the inspirational message with a touch of humor (to hold the audience’s attention while they are getting the message); that person would be the one who will give you the desired results.

Professional public speakers like Doug Dvorak can work with just about any audience and meeting theme. He is based in Chicago but often travels and would make a good choice of Inspirational Speaker in Los Angeles.

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