What To Consider Before Outsourcing IT Support In Toronto

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on March, 2016

While outsourcing has always been available in piecemeal options, more and more companies realise their need to reconsider their strategy for in-house versus outsourced IT support in Toronto. However, it isn’t just about going online, finding a company and paying them money. You still have to consider the outsourcing company carefully because otherwise, you may not get the quality and options you need and that fit your business style.


The quality of outsourcing varies depending on the industry you’re in or what you require. Many times, you may outsource those functions when you can’t find skilled labour in your country. If you already have an in-house option, you may find that you pay too much and the quality isn’t excellent.

The primary reason people outsource is to save money, but you should never sacrifice quality to save a little money. Therefore, you need to consider the company carefully to ensure you get the highest quality work available for the lowest amount possible.

Around-the-Clock Working

Almost every company wants to have employees working around the clock to ensure maximum efficiency. However, paying employees that much can seem like an oxymoron since you have to pay more to get more. However, you can choose to hire an outsourced company to handle some things while you’re closed so that everything is ready to go the next morning. This works exceptionally well for programming situations and upgrades to new technology.


You have to realise that outsourcing IT support in Toronto could lead to communication problems. The company you choose may be in India, the US or somewhere else. That means you may have cultural and language problems. You should ensure that everything is in writing (to make it easier for both companies to understand), but also that there is comprehensive documentation of all software and hardware used. You should understand what they’re doing so that if you choose to end their services, you can take over where they left off.


One caveat to outsourcing is that employees may get dejected, thinking that they aren’t good enough. If you already have a department that handles the technical side of things, you may need to focus on training and cross-training to help them feel better about themselves. If you don’t have any in-house Information Technology departments, you can talk with current employees to let them know it has nothing to do with performance.

IT support in Toronto can be difficult to find, so it may be helpful to outsource to another company. My Blue Umbrella can help, so visit them today to learn more.