What Saree is best for a Wedding?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2018

The wedding season is upon us, and soon you will have a series of weddings to attend, be it your close friend, a neighbour or someone in the family. Preparing to attend a wedding can be equally stressful as preparing to get married! The decision as to what to wear is a big one, and when you have many weddings to attend and for that, you need options. You can check out a Wedding Saree Collection, online or at your favorite saree shop, but that doesn’t make the decision easier.

Here, we give you some classic sarees which never go out of style, especially at weddings.

1. Kanchipuram sarees: These have been the must-wear sarees for any wedding. Also known as Kanjivaram sarees, they are woven with silk thread and golden jari thread to give a rich and regal look, perfect for the wedding. This saree keeps evolving over time, and various trends in designs, borders, and colours become popular every season

2. Soft silk sarees: This is a more recent variation in Silk sarees, made with a mix of cotton and silk. It has the same appearance of the royal Kanjivaram saree but is not as expensive. This is an ideal option which is pocket-friendly as well. These sarees also have exquisite shades and designs.

3. Georgette sarees: The georgette saree with embroidered borders is a glamorous attire for any wedding. This will be perfect for the reception or sangeet. These sarees come in pastels with embellishments like Swarovski crystals to add to their exclusivity

4. Mysore silk sarees: These are the silk sarees which have a beautiful sheen and feel very light when you wear them. They have a lovely flow and are comfortable to wear. They do not have many designs in the body of the saree, and they have a minimalistic elegance and grace which is timeless. You can never go wrong with these sarees. They come in also possible colours and combinations.

These sarees are enough to ensure you are dressed in your very best and your Wedding Saree Collection will undoubtedly be the cynosure of all eyes!

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