What Kind of Foot Problems Can a Foot Doctor in Hyde Park Treat?

by | Dec 7, 2023 | Podiatrists

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A foot doctor in Hyde Park can help you if you have problems with your feet and ankles. He can make them stop hurting and keep them healthy. Conditions a foot doctor in Hyde Park specializes in include the following:

An ingrown toenail is a condition a podiatrist treats. When a toenail grows into the skin on a toe, it can be very painful. It can cause the area around the toenail to get red and swollen.

Plantar fasciitis can be treated by a foot doctor. This condition causes heel pain. If your plantar fascia gets strained, it can become weak, swollen and irritated.

A podiatrist can treat an ankle sprain. Symptoms of an ankle sprain are pain when you put weight on your ankle, limited range of motion and swelling. There may also be bruising, and you may hear a popping sound when the sprain occurs.

A foot doctor can treat arthritis of the foot and ankle. Symptoms of arthritis include pain, tenderness, swelling, restricted range of motion and stiffness. Ankle care is administered for this condition.

A foot doctor has the training needed to treat foot injuries. One common foot injury a podiatrist treats is Achilles tendonitis. Other foot injuries that are treated by a foot doctor include foot bone fractures and foot muscle cramping. Swelling of the feet and ankles may occur after a foot injury.

See a foot doctor if you have problems with your feet or ankles. To schedule an appointment at Mitchell Foot & Ankle visit their website at hydeparkfootdoctor.com to book an appointment.

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