What is Selective Catalytic Reduction?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2017

The technology behind selective catalytic reduction is designed to reduce emissions from diesel engines. It works by injecting a liquid-reductant into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine through a special catalyst. Bluedef diesel exhaust fluid is that liquid-reductant and it creates a chemical reaction to permit nitrogen oxide reduction.

Importance of Selective Catalytic Reduction

Not only does selective catalytic reduction technology help clean the air by reducing emissions, but it is also cost-effective and fuel-efficient. The bluedef diesel exhaust fluid reacts with the nitrogen oxide to reduce emissions by up to 90% in many cases. Selective catalytic reduction is especially important in large diesel engines, agricultural equipment and construction machinery, all of which produce a high amount of harmful emissions.

Vehicles With Selective Catalytic Reduction

Many vehicles with diesel engines on the road today use selective catalytic reduction technology. Other types of vehicles and equipment incorporating the technology include cargo vessels, heavy-duty vehicles, tugboats and ferries. One important consideration for vehicles or machines with selective catalytic reduction is replenishing the bluedef diesel exhaust fluid frequently. It should be changed at least at the same time as a regular oil change for diesel vehicles, and more often than that for heavy-duty equipment.

Obtaining Bluedef Diesel Exhaust Fluid

You can obtain bluedef diesel exhaust fluid from many vehicle equipment and components suppliers in Florida. Since the fluid needs to be changed frequently, you should always have some on hand just in case an emergency comes up where you need to add or change it before the regularly scheduled change.

Selective catalytic reduction is important for the environment, and bluedef diesel exhaust fluid plays a large role in it.

To learn more about selective catalytic reduction, or to obtain your bluedef diesel exhaust fluid, check out the Jack Becker website.

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