What is Grout Pumping in Mississippi?

Posted by alex on June, 2014

Most people know the term grout means mortar that fills crevices. A grout pump is a machine that delivers larger amounts of grout to areas that would take too long if done by hand. Filling a void around the base of your home or repairing cracks in your home’s foundation are examples of larger jobs.

A grout pump is a machine made up of a hopper that holds the grout, a pump that is either manually primed or electrical, a pressure gauge and a hose with nozzle attachment. The grout is mixed in a small cement mixer then poured into the hopper. The manual pumps are a two-man job. It requires one person priming the pump and another to spread the grout as it is pushed out through the hose. The pump is easily cleaned with a high pressure washer and water. If it is a smaller job like filling a door frame, you can probably take care of the job yourself with a manual grout pump and a friend. The larger jobs will require a professional like Ewing and Ray Foundation Services Inc.

Grout pumpig in Mississippi is used for repairing cracks in home foundations. If home settling has occurred, cracks can form in the foundation due to uneven ground. New piers may be placed under the home and then grout pumped into the voids where ground settling occurred to provide a more stable, even surface where the home will rest. This will prevent the soil from moving again. Grout pumping in Mississippi can also be used to elevate and level driveways. Grouting will also help eliminate standing water during and after heavy rains.

Think about the job you need grouted and decide if you need a professional. Any area larger than a simple door frame will probably require a professional because of the sheer amount of grout to be mixed and spread. The manual machines would take too long to spread the grout. Call a professional and get an estimate. If you can repair your cracked foundation or stabilize that driveway and prevent water problems or other serious problems in the future, it is well worth it.

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