What Happens When There Is A Business Dispute?

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Law Services

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There are often times when a business dispute cannot be solved through arbitration or negotiation, when this happens, the only recourse is to hire commercial litigation attorneys in Houston TX.

There are numerous examples of cases that fall within the scope of a commercial litigation attorney:

* Breach of contract
* Employment issues
* Dissolution of the business
* Non-compete agreements
* Shareholder problems
* Partnership problems
* Sales agreements

Commercial litigation basically covers conflicts that arise during the course of business. It is somewhat different than general business law which tends to focus on the drafting of agreements between parties and contract negotiations.

A litigation attorney is a legal professional that deals with lawsuits; preparing to prosecute on behalf of a client or defending a client in court. The objective of commercial litigation lawyers is to win the case for the client. In the majority of cases the case is settled in court however, depending on the circumstances the attorney may suggest that an out of court settlement will best serve the interests of the client, this is particularity true if, in the eyes of the attorney, the case is weak.

When a client becomes embroiled in a commercial litigation case, the attorney spends a considerable amount of time carefully studying all aspects of the case long before determining if the approach he or she should be settlement or litigation.

Another quite common example of where commercial litigation attorneys in Houston are called upon is when the client has reason to believe that his or her investment broker has acted unethically or not acted in the clients best interests. In the event an investor suffers substantial losses as a result of this type of behavior there are remedies available under the law. This type of situation often happens when the broker pushes an investment off onto a client and the investment is either inappropriate or the broker fails to divulge information that is important to the investor.

With the rapid rise in high-technology an area that is becoming very important is intellectual property rights. If a patent or trademark is infringed upon it will be necessary to hire a seasoned commercial litigation attorney.

The greatest majority of business partnerships work well but periodically one of the partners may have breached his or her fiduciary duty. If one of the partners fails to act in good faith and as such violates one or more of his responsibilities which demand loyalty to the business, this act is grounds for commercial litigation.

If you find yourself embroiled in a business dispute you will need to engage the professional services of commercial litigation attorneys in Houston TX. You are invited to discuss your case with the Taylor Law Group.

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