What Does An Estate Planning Lawyer in Moline IL Do?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2017

Anyone who has been advised to make end of life plans or has had to deal with the legal issues of a loved one’s passing has most likely heard of an estate planning lawyer. Even if a person has worked with an estate planning lawyer, they may not be entire clear as to what they do. In order to provide a better understand for prospective clients, here are a few of the responsibilities an estate planning lawyer in Moline IL area has.

Draft Legal Documents

Most estate and other end of life planning involves large quantities of legal paperwork. This usually includes documents like wills and trusts, but can occasionally extend to documents that transfer assets to beneficiaries. An estate planning lawyer usually puts together drafts of the documents for their clients review and makes sure that everything is filled out properly to ensure that they are legally valid when the time comes.

Death Taxes and Fees

Dying is expensive, and there are often additional fees that an estate needs to deal with before things can be wrapped up. Many estate planning lawyers in Moline IL can help clients formulate a plan to handle those fees and even find a way to reduce the taxes imposed on the estate. They can also help the client work around any tax restrictions that may interfere with a client’s final wishes.

Heirs and Beneficiaries

Many estate planning lawyers will assist their clients in preparing their estate for transfer to any heirs and beneficiaries. This often includes making sure that everything is in order to alleviate any burdens that surviving loved ones may face upon the client’s death. In cases where the client has dependents, such as minor children, an estate planning lawyer can also take measures to avoid guardianship of the estate that may be against the interests of those dependents.

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