What do Excavation Contractors Do?

by | Jun 22, 2016 | Landscaping

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Excavation contractors are individuals who played with dump trucks when they were little. When they got older, they just exchanged them for larger versions. In the construction, excavation contractors do way more than move dirt around from place to place. They are also responsible for site preparation, trenching, and many other tasks. They are also responsible for operating a lot of heavy pieces of equipment. Here are some of the tasks that they are responsible for.

Site Preparation

Excavation contractors are responsible for preparing a construction site for work. In residential construction projects, the excavator has to move the soil into an area that is required for the new construction. The soil also must be able to pass compaction test via equipment used by the excavation contractor.

Heavy Equipment Operation

Excavation equipment is extremely expensive to purchase as well as to insure. A contractor who uses skid steers, backhoes, and other heavy equipment, will have to lease or purchase the equipment themselves. Most excavation contractors know how to operate all of the equipment safely on the construction site. They have to know how to use them properly or things could get very dangerous.

Moving Dirt

They are also responsible for moving dirt around. This is the fun part of their job, but it still has to be accurate. An excavation contractor is able to build new sewers, swimming pools, trenches, and a lot more. Even though it can be a fun process, a contractor has to be very accurate especially on a construction site where they are building a new home or commercial property. All of the details will be provided to the contractor when they arrive to the site.

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