What Are the Benefits of Phenolic Countertops?

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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The right tools make the job easier. That goes for your laboratory space too. If you are picking out countertops, then it is only smart and practical in the long run to get the right kind. If you’re up for exploring excellent choices, why not consider phenolic countertops?

This is a type of composite resin substance. It’s typically produced by combining phenol with aldehyde, says wiseGEEK. The result is a tough and durable material ideal for use in a number of consumer applications. As one of the first plastics to be widely developed, it’s easy enough to produce and doesn’t cost as much as a lot of the other choices available in the market.

Phenolic countertops bring a number of advantages to the table. These include:
*Bacteria-Resistant. Laboratory settings need to be sanitized at all times. By using countertops that prevent bacterial growth, you have a much easier time at keeping your workstation clean and clear of possible contaminants.

*Easy to Clean. You don’t have to use special chemicals to keep the surface in tip-top shape. Soap and water would do, as would just about any disinfectant you can find at the store.

*Lightweight. It’s not heavy, so transport is quick and simple. That also means it costs less than other types of counters that are heavy.

*Chemical-Resistant. Laboratory countertops are regularly exposed to a great deal of chemical spills. With this one, you won’t have to worry about spills and splashes dealing extensive damage to the surface.

*Stylish. The material is also impervious to scratches and scuffs, so it’ll look good for a long, long time.

If you’re looking to upgrade your countertops and want the kind of material that will last and perform for a good many years, this is a sound option for you.

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