What are Nootropics?

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2017

Nootropics are, in fancier but more understandable terms: “cognitive supplements”. They are in fact  supplements capable of specifically boosting the brain’s ability to do, well, anything specific.

Want a pill for memory issues? That’s a thing. Pill to help you think more clearly? Also a thing. Pill that allows you to focus, and be a productive member of society? Yup.

Nootropics are an entire class of supplements with different functions and methodology depending on their exact ingredients and purpose – but learning a little more about them is for the best, especially if you’re in the market for the best nootropic for memory, or other similar products.

Sold typically by online retailers like Synergenix Labs, nootropic supplements are often very simple ingredients increased in dosage – like caffeine combined with L-theanine, the most widely touted and effective nootropic combination as per LifeHacker – and at other times, they’re subscription-only medications, used to treat specific illnesses with nootropic side effects.

The debate around recreational use of “smart drugs” is still hot and ongoing, but whether or not you’re in favor of using them, they are effective.

Finding Quality Nootropics

The trouble with nootropics is that, being supplements, it’s tough to source very clean, quality products. While the basics like caffeine are easy enough to find reliable sources of, slightly more complicated options like Alpha-GPC, or good quality choline requires more research to truly find something effective, and high-quality.

Start by skimming through pages for reviews and build a reputation case around any major website you find based on what information you can find on them from other forums and nootropic community sites.

The nootropic community is thankfully very helpful, and tight-knit, offering support and resources to anyone looking to take the plunge into enhanced cognitive supplementation.