We Are an Accredited Online Bible College

Posted by Phineas Gray on May, 2016

If you want to learn more about the Bible and how its teachings can be applied to a wide variety of everyday situations, one of our courses could be the perfect solution.

For any student that wants to further their education and their faith, an accredited course that is underpinned by Christian values and perspectives can work exceptionally well.

We are a Christian University that offers a wide range of learning opportunities which incorporate Christian teachings and use examples from the Bible to enrich the study experience.

We Provide Online Bible College Courses

We recognize that not everyone is able to turn up for classes every day.  Many people have caring responsibilities or work long hours, making regular attendance at a University a real challenge.  Some people simply live too far away from a University to be able to commute each day.

In these circumstances and many more, online studies provide an excellent option.  We offer a selection of degree courses which can be wholly completed online, enabling everyone to get the education they want, even if they can’t undertake full-time study.

Enhance Your Career with One of our Bible College Courses

One of our courses could give you the skills you need to enable your existing career to take off, or even change job direction completely.  Many of our graduates move on to take up employment where their new knowledge and abilities greatly offer them an advantage.  In other cases, students use our degree as a stepping stone towards further academic qualifications.

Easily Accessible Online Bible College Courses

The courses we provide are designed for home learning and can be successfully completed with minimal equipment.  Books and study materials are included in the fee and students can work through the courses at their own pace, allowing sufficient time to make sure the topic is understood.

Each tutor has only a few students, enabling them to offer plenty of feedback and personalized support.  If you would like to experience the many benefits which additional qualifications can bring.

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