Video Storytelling in Jacksonville – A Complete Approach

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Video Production

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Video storytelling in Jacksonville area requires a complete approach. You cannot have a great video without a great “script” or story. It takes a team approach to produce a great video that conveys a message effectively. It takes talent to be able to create a story through video. Telling a story through video is actually always the end goal. No matter what the video is being crafted for there is a story, a message that it brings. Conveying that story is the challenge. It requires an expert approach born of experience and a litany of developed skills.

Video Production

There are a few different aspects that have to come together to create a great video. Missing one aspect will leave the video lacking. The producer has to be able to:

  • Have access to the right equipment
  • Know how to use the equipment
  • Have expertise in the software
  • Be able to tell a story
  • Have an eye for the art

One half of the process is the technical ability and equipment. To effectively use video to tell a story the producer has to have access to the right equipment (an IPhone is not the right equipment). They also have to know how to use the equipment to get the most out of the technology. They have to be expert in editing software. That takes care of the technical necessities but there is more.

The Art

Video is an art form that requires an artistic ability to craft to its fullest potential. The right producer has to be able to tell the story or collaborate with someone that can. They have to be able to have an eye on the art the entire time they are working with the equipment and considering the technical aspect of the production. Lighting, placement, movement, depth all of it has to be considered and it has to be considered with an eye on the prize (the prize is the end product, the story).

A great producer makes it all seem effortless. The finished product flows seamlessly and tells the story. It delivers the message effectively and beautifully. Using a video for storytelling can easily be one of the best ways to get a message across when it is done the right way. It can be enlightening, profound and memorable when crafted by an expert that is able to offer a complete approach.

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