Used Engines in Cincinnati – Should You Replace Your Engine?

Posted by Timothy Harvard on November, 2018

Does your car have engine problems? Maybe you can fix it but, in some cases, you are better off replacing the engine. Used engines in Cincinnati are a cost-effective alternative to buying a new car. But how can you tell if it is time for a replacement? Here are some smoke problems which tell you a great deal about your engine’s condition.

Smoke Colors

If your car blows smoke out the exhaust pipe, this is not a good sign. The color of the smoke lets you know what is happening and if you should look into used engines in Cincinnati. Here are some examples:

* Black smoke – this is usually a sign your fuel mixture is too rich. In other words, there is a higher gas to air mixture. This problem is often easily corrected with some fuel adjustments.

* Blue – if the smoke has a blue tint, this usually means your car is burning oil with the gas. Check the PCV valve to see if it is stuck. You can clean it or may need to replace it. However, blue colored smoke is often a sign of serious issues such as:

* Worn valve guides or seals – the car needs a minor overhaul because oil is getting past the seals and into the combustion chamber

* Worn piston rings – major overhaul needed and used engines in Cincinnati are a good alternative

* Worn cylinder walls – major overhaul required and replacement is usually recommended.

* White smoke – this is often a sign of burning engine coolant. It is usually a cracked or broken head gasket. However, a cracked cylinder head or block is also possible.

Where to Get Your Engine

Go to a reliable salvage dealer for a good used engine. They give you a guarantee and can install it for you too.

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