Used Car Auto Loans – Alternative Solution

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Automotive

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Finding the best car is just half the battle. The other half, which can sometimes be challenging, involves finding the best auto loans for the car to make it a wholesome overall deal. Luckily, with the following steps, it is easy to nail down the process.

Shop the loan separately

Even before starting negotiation on the car and the price, one must have a budget and a set amount they are willing to spend. It is with this in mind that they can easily shop for a loan separately. There are several options to look at when shopping for a loan, from online lenders to insurance companies and banks. However, the best option is perhaps the car dealership itself. One can also get pre-qualification for a loan from the bank, which then enables them to go to the dealership with a blank check that will be good up to and until a certain amount.

Limit the application process

Every time an application for a loan is made, regardless of whether it is approved, credit rates go down slightly. When this happens, it becomes increasingly more difficult to apply for subsequent loans. However, there is a way around this; limiting the period of inquiry. If the time spent shopping for the loans is limited to two weeks, then it will only count as one application in the eyes of the lender.

Credit history

Speaking of credit reports, before thinking of auto loans application process, it is important to have one’s credit history nailed down. Know exactly where you stand and what it means for the loan application process. One can determine their credit score through many ways. Most of the time, it will not be the same one the lender uses, but it will be close. Having knowledge of the credit score and what it means for the application process is important.

Do not assume

Even is the deal looks great, do not always assume it is the best possible. Approaching the process with this mindset can help in the negotiations. Always remember that the dealerships are not obligated to, and will not necessarily offer the best rates. Let them know you are shopping around or already have another offer. This might drive the prices down.

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