Unique Wedding Party Rentals in Maui to Set Your Event Apart from the Rest

Posted by Daniel lawrence on October, 2016

Planing an outdoor wedding means tracking down tables, chairs, linens, and flatware to ensure that all the guests have somewhere to enjoy the moment. There is a huge list of must have items that a wedding coordinator needs to track down. But why not focus on wedding party rentals in Maui that are going to ensure that the event is unlike any other the guests have attended. Outside of the basics, there are several different rental items that can take the celebration and overall ambiance to a whole new level.

Lounge Furniture

While chairs are lined up in rows for the ceremony, some brides and grooms want something a little different when it comes time to move over to the reception. Because of the beautiful weather outside, guests can sit out in lounge furniture while visiting with one another or talking to the happy couple. The furniture comes in a vareity of configurations and offers a little bit of seating or a lot of seating, depending on what the couple is looking for. This set up adds a relaxing and elegant feel to the reception. To learn more about unique wedding party rentals in Maui, including lounge furniture, Contact Maui Rents.

Clear Tent Tops

Tents offer lots of shade for outdoor receptions. But with trees hanging over the top of the reception area, why allow a tent to block out the view? Clear tent tops or open tent tops give the illusion of a marked of space for the reception. But the open top allows for views of the sunshine during the day and the stars in the evening. There are several different ways to achieve this look, and for some guests, nothing is better than dancing under the stars at the end of the night with a special someone.


Couples don’t need to be Jewish in order to request a chuppah for their ceremony. This canopy can be simple, without any type of adornment, or covered in linens and flowers to create a stunning backdrop. Outdoor weddings need a central focal point where the bride and groom can meet to exchange their vows. The chuppah is perfect for this as it separates the couple from the rest of the wedding party and creates an ideal place for pictures.

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