Understanding Greenhouse Irrigation Systems

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Home and Garden

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There are many components that make up a greenhouse and one of the most important is the greenhouse irrigation system. This delivery of water is critical to the survival of any plants as well as for the general care and maintenance of the crops and the greenhouse itself.

Importance of the Irrigation System
In a greenhouse, the irrigation helps keep the plants watered, but it is much more complex than just some pipes hooked up to a water supply. Many parts make up the irrigation system of a greenhouse. Sprinkler heads distribute the water so everything gets enough water. The pipes can be metal or PVC and are usually set up overhead to deliver water throughout the greenhouse range. Control valves are used to shut off certain areas where water is not needed or to control how much water flow there is. And finally, there is a pump of some kind that provides the pressure needed to move the water through the pipes.

Uses of the Irrigation System
Besides watering, this system has other important functions. Fertilizers can be added to the water supply to do mass treatments of the entire crop quickly and easily. The water can be used to mix pesticide applications to keep the crops healthy and disease free as well. The water supplied by the greenhouse irrigation system can also be used to keep the greenhouse clean and safe. Keeping your greenhouse clean and running efficiently is vital to growing your plants successfully.

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