Understanding Commercial Lighting

Posted by Phineas Gray on November, 2016

When it comes to lighting, many people only think of lighting options for their homes and personal spaces. However, commercial lighting is separate from the lighting found in homes and is used in business and commercial areas like offices buildings. There’s more to it than simply lighting a space for the sake of visibility, as aesthetics and functionality are very important when it comes to commercial lighting. For businesses seeking commercial lighting solutions in Santa Cruz, it is best to understand how commercial lighting works and how it can be used.

What Is Included in Commercial Lighting?

Commercial lighting is a broad categorization that can include most kinds of lighting options for non-personal application. The usage of commercial lighting is done in a way where it can benefit a business or corporation financially, such as highlighting an item in a business in a way to draw the attention of the customer to the item. Commercial lighting isn’t isolated to the interior spaces of a business or company either, as there are options for exterior commercial lighting available. It can also be used for operational and safety purposes, like the lights in the hallways at movie theatres or even exterior lights in parking lots. The application of commercial lighting serves a purpose other than simply lighting an area and the fixtures are strategically placed according to that purpose.

How Businesses Can Use Commercial Lighting

There are many ways that a business can use commercial lighting. Business owners using commercial lighting solutions in Santa Cruz need to consider what their lighting demands are and what purpose commercial lighting will serve in their company. Lighting for signage is common, as many businesses want to direct attention to their company’s name on a marquee or placard to identify for passers-by and customers. Another common usage is for display items and light high-traffic areas.

What to Consider

The wide variety of options available make it difficult for business owners to decide upon what commercial lighting they want for their business. Many need to address the aesthetic needs of their commercial space, as well as the functionality, cost, and upkeep for their fixtures. A commercial lighting option may be perfect in terms of aesthetics, function, and cost but a nightmare when it comes to upkeep—installation, maintenance, etc. The type of light also needs to be addressed, as not all light types are going to be universally applicable. Fluorescents are the norm in the commercial world due to their output and ability to be like daylight. LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) are energy-efficient and last longer than standard bulbs.