Understand the Factors Associated With Family Lawyers in Deerfield

Posted by Phineas Gray on September, 2016

Separation and divorce are complicated situations, and the emotional stakes are higher when children are involved. However, your local Deerfield family lawyers are available to help you sort through the legal details and make sure all parties are treated fairly. Here are some of the factors that family lawyers can help you with to make the process as smooth as possible.

Child Custody

Child custody is determined from variety of factors such as the age and specific needs of the child, relationship between the child and each parent, mental health and capacity of each parent, the child’s ability to adjust to new environments and religious or spiritual influences. Your lawyers can support your custody requests by weighing your case against these factors.

Child Visitation Rights

Parents can devise their own visitation plan and mutually agree on the terms. Your Deerfield family lawyers can you help create a fair plan that satisfies everyone’s needs. However, if no agreement is reached or if one or both parents violate the terms of the agreement, the court will establish a visitation schedule that each parent must abide by to avoid legal repercussions.

Grandparents Visitation Rights

If there is a clear, established relationship between a grandparent and a child, the court may include a visitation provision for the grandparent. The grandparent, however, must meet certain requirements in order to earn and keep the visitation rights. If the grandparent violates the terms of the visitation agreement, legal consequences will ensue.

Child Support

The court establishes a child support agreement based on the financial profile of each parent and the needs of the child. Your Deerfield family lawyers can help explain the process by which child support is calculated and how to make sure you are contributing or receiving a fair amount.

Overall, talk to your family lawyers about your rights and the potential legal options for your child. Divorce is a stressful time, but the right legal counsel can help make the process less burdensome.

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