Types Of Educational Programming In Minneapolis And How They Help

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Health and Medical

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Many people wonder about mental health issues, and what types of services are available. One of those options is educational programming in Minneapolis, which can help with three primary objectives. You’ll find DWI classes, adolescent diversion and discovery programs, all available to help you through a difficult situation or time. Understanding more about them can help you determine if one is right for you.

DWI Class

This one-day class is there to help you prevent repeat offenses and can be perfect for first-time offenders. In some cases, it will be mandated by the court that you take one, but you may not be required to do so. Here, you will learn more about alcohol and its problems, as well as have self-assessments and cognitive therapy.

Adolescent Diversion

The adolescent diversion program focuses on providing information about chemical use/abuse among teens. This educational programming in Minneapolis takes about five hours and requires a parent/guardian to attend. Both of you will learn more about how alcohol and drugs affect the human brain, learn about legal problems that can arise, as well as watch videos. You’ll also be part of a group therapy session where you can talk openly about why drugs are used and what can be done to help.

Discovery Programs

The Discovery programs help you learn more about using and abusing drugs and alcohol. It is designed to meet your particular needs, and you can be referred for ongoing care as necessary. You must abstain from using any chemicals, and you’ll find three program options, ranging from six hours up to 24 hours.

Educational programming in Minneapolis is an excellent way to learn more and help yourself. Visit River Ridge today to fill out an appropriate form and get started. Follow us on twitter.

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