Two Types of an Anti Graffiti System in Seattle WA Keep Buildings Clear of Unwanted Artwork

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Home Improvement

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type of vandalism. An Anti Graffiti System in Seattle Wa is an effective way to prevent this kind of damage to the property. Certain neighborhoods are more prone to this problem. Even when the graffiti is somewhat impressive in an artistic way, building owners want to pick and choose their own exterior decorative features.

An Anti Graffiti System in Seattle Wa prevents the paint from bonding with the building surface. These invisible coatings are known either as sacrificial or non-sacrificial.

Sacrificial Systems

The sacrificial version blocks the graffiti paint from reaching the underlying surface, but it must be removed and reapplied after the vandalism occurs. An example of a sacrificial system is one made of paraffin and water. A hot water solution applied melts the paraffin so it can be wiped off and a new coat of wax applied. Citrus cleaning solutions work too.

Non-Sacrificial Systems

Non-sacrificial systems may be made of epoxy with urethane that has a base of water or solvent. Graffiti is easily removed with a power washer from this material. The coating itself does not have to be replaced until many instances of vandalism have occurred.


The sooner the unwanted paint is noticed, the easier it will be to remove. For that reason, buildings that are somewhat isolated and not used regularly should still be inspected routinely if the owner wants them to stay clear of graffiti.

Unwanted Artwork

Although some individuals view graffiti as a form of artwork, the artists are not supposed to use other people’s buildings as their canvases. Building owners generally do not want this paint on the structure. Sometimes there are obscene words or imagery, and sometimes they are unsure what ideas the image is intended to convey.

Making a Decision

Many building owners are unsure which system is best for their needs. Representatives of a company such as Coatings Plus analyze each situation and make recommendations after learning about the specifics of the building and the probability of graffiti paint.

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