Top Tips for Dressing for Walking Tours in Charleston, SC

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2017

The walking tours in Charleston, SC are legendary. The city is so full of history, intrigue, and beauty that a day on a walking tour can’t even cover it all, but the guides try to get everything in. If you have recently scheduled a walking tour, then you’ll probably be wondering how you should dress. Read on below for a few tips to get you started.

Always Wear Cushioned Shoes

Walking tours in Charleston, SC usually involve a lot of standing and walking. You will walk for a little while, then stand still while the guide tells you stories and the history of a site along your path. For these types of tours, you should make sure to wear shoes that fit well and are cushioned. You would be surprised just how much standing can tire your feet. You can’t enjoy a tour if your feet are killing you, so come prepared.

Wear a Hat or Scarf

The temperatures in Charleston, SC can be really hot during the summer months, so you will want to wear a hat or scarf over your head to keep the sun from beaming down onto your scalp. In the colder temperatures of winter, a cap that comes down over your ears will be a great help during your walk.

A Day Pack with a Water Bottle

A walking tour can get not only tiring but hot as well. You should take a day pack with you and keep a full water bottle in it as well. Take constant swigs from the water bottle to ensure you don’t get overheated or start to dehydrate.

The walking tours in Charleston, SC are something you don’t want to miss. However, before you go out, you need to be well-prepared. Contact Pub and Brewery Tours for more information today.

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