Top Qualities of a Good Leader

It’s easy to be a good leader when things are going well; but in the midst of a major crisis, such as a system crash, loss of a key client, or a complete reorganization within the company, your leadership skills will be tested. A leadership development training program in Dublin can help you acquire the necessary skills. Here are a few of the qualities that all good leaders must possess.

  • Delegate: A good leader knows the strengths and weakness of each team member. In a crisis, it’s imperative to delegate specific tasks to those whom you know can handle them efficiently.
  • Focus: A good leader knows the importance of focus and works to get through a crisis as quickly as possible.
  • Calm amid the storm: A good leader doesn’t panic in a crisis. They take charge of the situation and work calmly to ensure that problems get resolved as quickly as possible. Day to day activities are also done in a calm manner, no matter what else is going on around them.
  • Listen: A good leader knows how to listen to his/her team. They do not shout orders or cave to the, ‘The boss knows best’ mentality. Listen to your team, take their input into consideration and then make a decision based on what you think will garner the best outcome.
  • Communication skills: This is one of the most important skills any leader can possess. As a leader, you will need to communicate clearly to your team, peers and third party vendors, customers, etc. exactly what you want from them, how you can help them, and how they can help you. Misunderstandings and unclear communication have been the demise of many companies; it is imperative that you learn to communicate effectively.

A leadership development training program in Dublin will help you acquire the above skills and help you become the successful leader you want to be.