Tips to Make Your Print Marketing More Efficient

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2017

Forty-seven percent of Millennials gladly check their mailbox every day, according to the USPS. However, they do not want junk mail which goes into the trash, 95 percent of them desire the feel-good effect of receiving customized direct mail. Below are a few ideas to get the message to Millennials out:

Personalize Print Marketing
Millennials definitely value individuality. In direct mail, personalization isn’t a new concept, yet is an initiative which bears multiple unexplored possibilities. With services like Variable Data Printing, companies can personalize marketing intelligently with an incredible quantity of variables. Do you want to send various offers to those who have brown eyes and blue eyes? Done. Do you want to change images upon your print based upon demographics? Easy. So long as there’s data for it, anything might be changed using variable data. For more information on our Printing Services in Columbia, SC contact The Graphics Source at (803) 764-6862.

Bridge Gap Between Physical and Digital Channels
We are fans of physical marketing, of course; however, we know digital marketing is not going anywhere. It’ll offer ease of insight, it’s nimble enough to react to changes within the market, and it’s very affordable. Closing the gap in between physical and digital channels will make both more effective. As a matter of fact, you may bank on seeing a 7.9 percent lift in engagement as you bridge this gap. Below are a few ideas to get you up and started:

  • Send out a postcard along with a coupon for things inside an abandoned shopping cart
  • Send out a mailer which only includes items the customer is more than likely to purchase, based upon their past purchasing behavior
  • Welcome kits that are customized for certain customers
  • Send out a gift card that honors a customer’s anniversary, birthday, and so on.

Make Print Marketing Shout Quality
Something which print will do better than digital is deliver tangible, real quality. We are color, ink, packaging, and paper experts. We’re able to tell the difference between 40# and 30# paper by sight, yet even if you aren’t a print expert, you understand quality when you feel it. High-end smartphone boxes feel flawless, well-made, and expensive. Imagine a disconnect if a $1,000 smartphone came inside a tissue paper box! That is the power of print!

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