Tips for Selecting and Designing Custom Ink in San Diego CA

Posted by alex on June, 2014

Whether it’s to memorialize a loved one, celebrate an achievement, or simply to display a beautiful work of body art, a custom designed tattoo is an important and meaningful investment. Anyone wanting a tattoo consider the following before going ‘under the needle’ for Custom Ink:

1. Tattoo placement
2. Selecting an artist who is experienced, talented, and safe
3. Tattoo design

Tattoo placement is more important than most people realize. For example, placing a large tattoo on a narrow body part can result in an awkward looking appearance. Conversely, a small tattoo may have a strange looking floating appearance if placed on a wider body part. It’s also important to consider any existing tattoos. Is the new tattoo going to be a part of a larger piece? Will the colors clash? The colors of a new tattoo are going to be more vibrant than existing tattoos. If they are placed together, this will be very noticeable. It may be a good idea to plan on having older tattoos touched up when getting Custom Ink in San Diego CA.

The most important step is selecting an artist. Anyone looking for a new tattoo should ask to look at the artists portfolio. They should be experienced in designing custom tattoos, not just copying images. If there are more than one artist in a particular shop, it is perfectly acceptable to ask to view their work also. If there is a particular style in mind, ask the shop owner which artist specializes in that type of tattoo. Some artists specialize in tribal tattoos, others in portraits, and others may specialize in certain types of lettering. Of course, most important of all, ask about safety and sanitation procedures before getting any Custom Ink.

Once the potential customer is satisfied with the experience and work habits of the artist, they can begin working on the tattoo design. Here, it is very important to take advantage of the artist’s design talents. If the customer has a rough sketch, they should definitely show it to the artist. Even if it’s not artistically great looking, it will give the artist an idea of the design that is desired. Finally, working with the artist is key. Their suggested changes often result in a tattoo that is better looking than ever expected. For more information, visit Funhouse Tattoo SD.

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