Tips For Preventing A Relapse

by | May 15, 2019 | Health & Medical

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Many people who successfully go through rehab end up relapsing. People face many challenges after they leave rehab. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do that will help with relapse prevention in Minneapolis.

Avoid Triggering Situations

You cannot return to your old life after you leave rehab. If you find that going to certain places will tempt you to drink or use drugs, then you will need to avoid these places. You will also have to watch who you choose to hang around. You should choose friends that are committed to helping you stay sober.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

It will be easier for you to stay sober if you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle.. It keeps you busy so that you can take your mind off of drugs and alcohol. It also gives you something positive to focus on.

Develop a Supportive Network

Sobriety is not a journey that you want to go through alone. You need people who will motivate you and encourage you so that you can stay on the right path. You should have positive people in your circle who are committed to living a healthy life.

Take Medication When Appropriate

Fifty percent of people who struggle with addiction also have a mental illness. This is often referred to as dual diagnosis. If you take medication to manage a mental illness, then you will need to keep taking them. There are also some medications that can make it easier for you to stay sober.

Stay in Therapy

If you have been going to therapy, then you will need to continue doing this. Your therapist can teach you coping mechanisms.

If you need help with relapse prevention in Minneapolis, then you will need to contact River Ridge.

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