Tips for Plant Turnaround Safety

Posted by Alex on May, 2017

Turnarounds are planned proceedings where an industrial plant is shut down for a complete overhaul or make over. The shut down time typically lasts between 60 to 90 days and is planned to be restored quickly as you are losing production and benefits during the stop. You need to put some guidelines in place to make sure the process is quick and relatively pain free.

Plan It Out

Every large undertaking requires a fool proof plan. A plan for turnaround safety should be no different. If a plant experienced numerous violations over time, the amount of planning it will take to take care of all the disturbances will be significant.

You will need to have a running list of all things that need to be done upon shutdown. Now is the time to get all the tools, paperwork and individuals in place to effectively work on the plant refurbishment.

Schedule the day that the plant is to shut down, how long it will take to get back to good and the re-opening.

Include Your Employees

Make sure your employees are being properly trained in the shut down. You can hire a safety service to provide the shut down training or if you have been through the process before and are familiar with all of the topics, you can lead the meetings. Whichever route you choose, make sure the employees know what the entire process will entail and what is expected from them. They should know all the dates and schedules that are to follow and use proper procedures in all proceedings.

Outside contractors should also be a part of the trainings as they will be working in common areas as your employees. They should be willing to follow suit as you list out any potential hazards, requirements and important details.

If you need outside turnaround safety training, use Code Red Safety. Find them online at domain URL.

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