Tips for Maintaining Your Overhead Door

by | May 7, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Like other homeowners, you may rely heavily on your overhead door to close securely and open smoothly each time you use it. However, failure to properly care for your door may result in problems that can end up interrupting your daily routine. A few tips can help homeowners to ensure that their garage doors are working properly on a regular basis.

Inspect Your Overhead Door
It is recommended that you complete a thorough inspection of your overhead garage door each month. This includes looking at your door’s cables, rollers, springs and other hardware to pinpoint signs of wear. If you see anything that appears problematic, get in touch with a quality garage door repair company that can adjust them. It is essential that you consult a professional because a garage door’s cables, springs and the hardware attached to these springs are under high tension. If they are not handled correctly, this can result in serious injuries.

It is also recommended that you lubricate all of your garage door’s moving parts on a regular basis. Do this with oil, such as 40W motor oil. Avoid using grease to do the job because grease becomes hard when the weather turns cold, and this will stifle your door’s operation. It is wise to lubricate the door two to three times each year, depending on how often you use your door. Lubricant can simply be applied to your door’s tracks, rollers and hinges.

Check the Reversing Mechanism
Another important consideration when you have a garage door is to ensure that it has a properly function reversing mechanism. All door openers made after January 1993 are required to have a reversing mechanism, according to federal law. These openers must also have an edge sensor or photo eye sensor in order to prevent safety issues, such as entrapment. If you notice that these features are lacking from your overhead door, Madison, WI, garage door specialists can help you to replace your system.

If you do have a reversing mechanism, you can make sure that it works by placing a piece of wood on the ground where your garage door would touch the ground. When you try to close the door using your garage door opener or the wall button, the door is supposed to automatically reverse when it comes into contact with the wood. If this does not happen, have a reputable company service your door.

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