Tips for Improving Your Business’s Security

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Security System

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When it comes to commercial property security, it can mean different things to different people. It could be the installation of an innovative, state of the art alarm system in Louisville, KY, or just making small changes to the day to day routine followed to secure the building. In either case, you want to take steps to help better protect your business, which is likely one of your biggest investments. Some tips that will help you do this can be found here.

Active Solutions

Traditional alarm systems provide passive security. Passive security is defined as an alarm system that works after an intruder has already broken into the facility. With a passive alarm system, the intruder will possibly alert a motion detector which is very outdated technology. One of the best active solutions are the Multi-Sensor device. These devices are an audio, camera, and motion detector all in one. Once the system is armed, before the intruder enters in the facility the multi-sensor will activate due to a loud noise the burglar will make. The monitoring station will be able to hear and see what is going on in real time. If your alarm system is using passive security your business is not protected in real-time.

Check Everything Each Night

You need to make a conscious effort to ensure that the building’s windows and doors are locked up properly every night. Before setting your alarm system, make sure you are not bypassing any alarm points. Many times, when businesses are in a rush to leave they will bypass an alarm point which will cause your alarm system not to be fully functional. Be sure that this becomes a part of your routine each night. While this only takes a minute, it can give you peace of mind that your business security system is secure.

Lock Up Valuable Items

While a quality alarm system in Louisville, KY is going to let you know if someone tries to break in, you can also add an extra layer of protection by securing your valuable and hard-to-replace belongings. Preferably it is nice to have a camera system or a camera located near your valuable items that way they can be checked at any-time.

If you want to ensure your business is secure, visit the Sonitrol website to learn about the alarm systems and other safety products offered.

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