Tips For Hiring A Company For Custom Steel Fabrication

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Metal Fabrications

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Trusting an outsourced company to manufacture steel parts, components, and elements for your products is important for most OEMs. It is simply no longer cost-effective or even possible to manufacturer all parts and components in-house, and outsourcing offers lower costs, higher production levels, and complete quality control.

Hiring the right partner to work on custom steel fabrication jobs is a concern for many OEMs. This is particularly true for startup companies or small OEMs who may have been doing work in-house and have finally reached the production levels where outsourcing is required.

Hire on Knowledge and Reputation

Using a website review is a great start to narrowing down a company for custom steel fabrication. This should provide information on the capabilities, equipment, and scope of work the company can provide.

This alone is not enough, as the OEM needs to know the fabrication company has a solid reputation for quality parts and components, accurate quotes for a job, and being able to deliver on time.

Hire on Years as a Fabricator

Knowing how long the custom steel fabrication business has been in the industry is another important factor to review. Companies that have continued to see growth and expansion are always top companies as they not only attract new customers, but they maintain their current customer base.

Ability to Work to your Deadlines and Orders

Not all steel fabrication companies are set up to work on large orders, and some are not interested in working with smaller OEMs with low volume orders. Knowing these types of requirements and considerations helps an OEM to choose the fabricator that is the best match for their current production requirements but also for their anticipated future production needs.

Taking the time to compare options, get quotes and even to talk to others in your industry about steel fabricators are all essential elements in choosing the right company to hire.

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