Tips for Grease Trap Cleaning in NJ

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

A simple but important device restaurant or food service business is the grease trap. While it may seem unnecessary, the grease trap performs and important function, which is keeping all of the fatty and oily deposits out of drainage lines where they quickly contribute to the build up of sludge and clogs which prevent water from flowing freely. In order to get the most benefits from having a grease trap, you must maintain it by giving it thorough cleanings on a regular basis. What follows are some simple but effective tips on Grease Trap Cleaning in NJ.

Enzyme Treatment

One of the most effective ways to clean a grease trap does not involve manual cleaning at all. Adding specific enzymes to a grease trap allows the organism to act on the grease, digesting it and breaking it down in a form that makes it easily swept away by running water. This is a simple method of grease trap cleaning that is not very involves but produces excellent results.

Soapy Water

After pouring or vacuuming out the bulk of the grease and other debris from the grease trap, it is important to scrape the sides and base of the trap thoroughly to remove grease and fat that adheres to the surface before wiping it down with soapy warm water and a towel. This helps to dissolve the grease and make it easier to remove.

Flushing with High Pressure Water

Another effective way to clean a grease trap is to flush it with a high pressure water hose after pouring off as much of the grease and solids as possible. This helps to remove all traces of fat, grease and sludge and guarantees a properly functioning grease trap once the cleaning is complete.

Use these simple but effective tips for grease trap cleaning in NJ in order to keep your grease trap functioning optimally, and as a result, your septic system working as efficiently as possible. If you would like to employ the services of a professional grease trap cleaning services, visit Domain today to schedule an appointment and find out about other services such as septic tank cleaning and maintenance.

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