Tips for Finding a Destination Wedding Photographer in California

Destination weddings are growing in popularity with many couples choosing to get married somewhere away from home. While planning these weddings isn’t much different than planning a wedding close to home, there are certain factors you need to consider. For instance, when hiring a destination wedding photographer in California, the following tips will help you make the right choice.


Like any photographer, it’s best to work with a destination wedding photographer in California who has experience shooting weddings, particularly nontraditional weddings. One way to get a feel for their experience and what you can expect is to request a portfolio. Most destination wedding photographers offer a portfolio of their past work to help you make an informed decision.


One unique concern you need to consider when hiring a destination wedding photographer in California is whether they can legally work in the place you’re getting married. This factor is particularly important if you’re getting married in another country. Talk to your wedding photographer about where they are licensed to operate and whether they are willing to take the necessary steps to gain the legal right to work where you will get married.

Meet with Your Photographer

You likely have a clear picture of what you expect from your wedding photos. One of the first steps you should take with your destination wedding photographer in California is holding a meeting to discuss your expectations. If the photographer has previously worked in the location of your choice, ask to see examples of their work there. This meeting is the ideal time to discuss your requirements and ask questions to make sure they can meet your needs.

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