Tips for Designing the Perfect Contemporary Bathroom

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2017

Contemporary design is one of the hottest trends in home style today. It brings sleek lines, unique geometry, and simple colors to make a beautiful space. While larger spaces, like living spaces and kitchens, are going to be easier to match to a contemporary feeling, bathrooms can get that same mood. Whether you are building a custom house, or you are remodeling an existing bathroom, here are some design aspects to include in your contemporary design.

Bathroom Fixtures

The design in contemporary styles is going to find its interest in shapes and geometry, and not in bold colors. Finding pieces that are lightly colored, but that have great curves and lines, is going to make the room feel sleek. You are also going to want to look into using glass and mirrors, which add the feeling of openness and spaciousness. Tricking the eye into the feeling of space, especially in a smaller room, is going to really improve the room’s style.


Natural lighting is the preferred method of bringing light into a contemporary space, and it can also let in beautiful views. When planning out windows you will want to make sure your windows do not give away too much privacy. Placing windows higher up can help keep your neighbors from seeing too much of you in your bathroom, and you may want to look into frosted glass as well. You are going to need some interesting light fixtures. These need to provide good lighting for your beauty routine, while still adding to the geometry of the space.


Contemporary layouts are going to work towards providing symmetry. Depending on the size and shape of your bathroom fixtures, achieving symmetry is going to be different in every case. In Chicago, bathroom remodeling contractors can work with you to design a layout that keeps your bathroom balanced and beautiful.

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