Tips for Choosing Kitchen Countertops for An Apple Valley, MN, Home Remodel

Posted by Timothy Harvard on October, 2018

There are many Apple Valley, MN, homes that are getting older in their style and décor. Rather than moving to a new home, a remodel is often a very cost-effective option for people to consider.

Kitchen remodels or upgrades the most frequently used by homeowners to give a house a new look. This is also a great time to consider what you want in your cabinets, countertops and overall kitchen design.

Long Lasting Beauty

One of the key considerations in choosing kitchen countertops is their ability to stand up to wear and tear and retain their beauty. Natural stone options in counters including granite, marble, and quartz are both durable as well as amazing additions to any kitchen. With just routine maintenance and care, these counters can last a lifetime and still look exactly the same as when they were installed.

Color Options

The combination of color options for the flooring, cabinets, and countertops is essential to create the look you want. These three large components of any kitchen remodel can be contrasting colors, such as black cabinets and white marble counters, or they can be similar in tones such as the earthy colors possible in granite or quartz paired with wood cabinets and cupboards.

The key is to choose one or the other and then look at how the counters are going to match with not just the cabinets and cupboards, but also with the flooring options selected.

Natural stone is a very easy material to work with and provides a range of colors and marbling and veining patterns to work with any type of kitchen décor. As there are so many options, take the time to look at online samples and visit showrooms in the Apple Valley, MN, area to make the ideal choice for your remodeling project.

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