Tips for Boarding an Elderly Pet

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2018

Being forced to leave your pet behind while you are traveling is a prospect that no dog owner enjoys. It can be challenging for both you and your furry friend, no matter their age. However, if you have an elderly dog, there are extra factors that need to be considered. With old age come potential problems with mobility, loss of hearing and sight, anxiety, and more. You must consider your pet and what is the best option for them when choosing pet boarding in Hamilton, NJ.

Boarding at a Kennel

There’s nothing stopping a senior dog from having a great experience at a kennel, but there are many things to consider. Older pets can become more stressed out by new situations which can lead to medical conditions. Consider the way your pet reacts to determine whether this may be an issue.

Vaccination Policy

Talk to the staff at your facility for pet boarding in Hamilton, NJ, to see what the vaccine requirements are. Then work with your vet to be sure your pet is up to date on these. Some may be required by the kennel while others might be suggested by the vet to be sure your pet does well and doesn’t contract any illness.

Flooring Choice

If you have a dog with arthritis or other joint problems, it’s important to think about what type of flooring your dog will be exposed to. An elderly pet has specific needs, and if they spend time laying around the facility, you want to make sure the surface is appropriate. Talk to the kennel you are considering and determine if non-slip surfaces are provided, so your pet has an easier time getting around.

Exercise Requirements

Find out how playgroups are managed by the kennel you choose. These may be designed by temperament or by age. If your dog does better with adult pets, see if there is a way to provide exercise without puppies around. Sometimes a younger dog can have too much energy for an older dog to be comfortable with.

Home Comforts

Find out if you can bring in some of your dog’s favorite toys or bedding, so they feel more comfortable in the new location. If that isn’t possible, you should see if soft bedding is available, especially if your pet has arthritis.

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